2007-08-10, Lincoln, NE.

So about two weeks ago I had chased a rabbit out of my garden, and kicked in the hole it had dug. I immediately regretted it. I really wanted to see the babies and have them grow up in the garden - I was/am mostly done with the garden at this point, so they could take over if they wanted to.
At one point the mother rabbit was chased out of the garden by my fiancee, "Shoo, rabbit. Go away bunny." She was not convincing.
But now there are bunnies. They respond to noises, and not necessarily in the best way. They come toward whatever makes a noise - cautiously, but they still come out. One - the runt - came out more often and stayed out more than the others.
So I am not inclined to not pet them, so I did. They did not like the garden veggies (yet), but they did like a viny weed with small leaves. They sort of liked the bean leaves, but did not seem able to bite through them completely.
I cannot get over how absolutely cute they are.

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