2007-04-14, University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

I was completely beside myself yesterday - there was this hideous aparition instead of the caterpillar (whatever) in the cocoon. It had a tiny half-formed wing, and legs, but was still lodged tight in the cocoon. I called the entymology department to have them take over the care, since I was certain that it would not form correctly; they were closed, though. So I was left with this thing, and I thought I had doomed it for sure.
Today, though, it was hanging on the branch, fully formed - except I think the antennae are not complete yet. It is hard to tell. I will probably take it to the entymology department to make sure I can release it as is, and when I should release it (after it warms up, daytime/nighttime, back in the place where I picked it up, or around my house, etc.). But it is a good day today, for me, at least.

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